About Fly Logic

This web site is since March 2014 owned by the Swedish company InformationsLogik AB.

The flight company Fly Logic Sweden AB together with Fly Logic Maintenance went bankrupt in December 2013, only six month after they had a new ownership. As a consequence the Operator North Express (former Fly Logic Malmö) went bankrupt in March 2014.

The aircraft owned by Fly Logic was bought back in March 2014 by the former owner of Fly Logic, Willy Liljeheden, also owner of InformationsLogik AB.

Historical background

Fly Logic, as a commercial flight company was founded in 1997.The name at that time was Malmö Air Taxi, a daughter company to InformationsLogik Sweden. The company did operate custom-made flights, transporting passengers as well as freight. Fly Logic had its head office at Sturup Airport, outside Malmö. To start with, the company was operating with one PA31. The business grew and in the beginning of year 2000 another two PA31 was added to the fleet. In 2003 a turboprop Metroliner was added.

In the autumn of 2008 the world economy went down, which had a very negative impact on the flight business. Against this background the owner Willy Liljeheden, in the beginning of 2013, was planning for retirement and in May 2013 two enthusiastic young pilots took over the business.

The Operator (AOC-company) Fly Logic Malmö was sold in July 2012 to the Norwegian company North Express AS and the new name became North Express AB. North Express had the ambition to grow into aviation with heavy aircraft. In the meantime Fly Logic had a cooperation contract for the continuation of commercial flights. At the end of 2013, Fly Logic still was the only customer to North Express. Therefore, North Express also had to give in.